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I was part of the original faculty for The Virtual High School which was the product of a federal grant beginning in 1996 out of the Hudson, MA, school district and the Concord Consortium.

I wrote and delivered an Advanced Placement English course for the VHS from 1996 until 2001. I also was on the faculty of the Teachers' Learning Conference, the graduate level online course required of all VHS teachers as they write their courses and prepare to teach online. I also helped to train Site Coordinators for VHS and made numerous presentations for them at conferences and regional meetings. In 1999 I represented VHS at the Governors Summit on Education in New York. Go to to find out more about the VHS.

Starting in 2001, I began consulting with Metacourse, Inc., an eLearning company based in California. I taught "Building Online Communities" and "Designing Online" and helped to build the Online Facilitator Training Course for PBS TeacherLine as a Metacourse consultant. Check out to see what Dr. Sherry Hsi and her Metacourse team are doing.

I continued to work for PBS as an independent contractor (MWest Consulting, Inc.) since 2001. I train and mentor online facilitators for PBS TeacherLine, and have written a course for PBS called "Ready to Facilitate." Take a look at the following link to see what PBS is doing with online professional development for K12 teachers! (

I've also facilitated a pilot course for the Jason Foundation on improving science literacy for middle school students.

In short, I write courses, teach online courses, facilitate online communities, do mentoring and coaching of online facilitators, and spend a good deal of my life living in the virtual world -- and do it all from my office in the woods on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State -- four hours west of Seattle in the Olympic Rain Forest.

City/town:Forks, Washington
Courses:Facilitation Strategies for Focusing and Deepening Online Learning
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