How did knowTIPS come about?

knowplace was started when Frances Long wanted a place where f2f faciltators, teachers, counsellors etc. could develop online skills. With her co-horts {Bruno Vernier, Claudio Orea, and Sylvia Currie} help she created beta courses for teachers and counsellors. These courses became the certificate programs that are now offered in partnership with Capilano College The backbone of knowplace is working and valuing the participants whomever they are and promoting open source and freeware tools.

To this end, knowTIPS was created. It is an online conference sponsored by knowplace but created by knowmates who volunteer their time and expertise. knowTIPS [Theory into Practice] was created as an arena for people to explore what is happening in the online world with a focus on how to use these tools, tips and creative methodolgies. In the spirit of social networking all of the presenters are also sharing their experitse without monetary remuneration.

How is the money generated from KnowTIPS conference used?

Funds generated from this conference go toward sustaining the Knowplace community in the following ways:

  • "Open Weekends", free workshops facilitated by volunteers in the community
  • Stipends for individuals organizing special events and services throughout the year
  • Server and hosting cost
  • Facilitation and mentoring
  • Writing newsletters and grant applications
  • Course and toolkit development
  • Promotion and liaison
  • Development and support for the Canadian KnowMoodle, KnowSchools for teachers and the KnowCoach site for ecareer coaches
  • Conferences for non-profits and education, such as
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