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Glossary: What People Said About knowTIPS 2006


Never in my wildest imagination did I envision the energy, excitement connecting online with people around the world could bring! Unlike face-to-face conferences, I could visit every presentation through the asynchronous discussions. Synchronous presentations were offered in a unique time slot, so I could attend as many synchronous sessions as I wanted. Sharing knowledge and skills with global experts and colleagues without leaving home - incomparable value intangibly and money-wise.


I have been a former meeting planner for associations and so I appreciated all the hard work the cast and crew had done (and would continue to do even after the show was over). I offer up a mini-celebration for you all in the form of pictures of bouquets of roses and pictures of champagne and champagne flutes (Perrier-Jouet), nothing but the best, and a picture of a glorious sunset to relax and watch, and then some more champagne.


KnowTIPS was so important we can't let it go unrecognized. We are going to write an article for the British Journal of Counsellors and Psychologists. Congratulations everyone!


I just want to express my appreciation for all the extra work you all did. It all came together as a result of hard work, good planning and some luck. I am glad that KnowTips was my first online conference, and I know it will long be remembered as the best. (Our first love's always that way smile)


Two days ago there was an almost audible buzzing about the environment there is now a profound silence...and as I wandered through Shula's attic, I found myself hoping that Hugo would materialize, or that someone would write just one more message...playing Last Post - Cyberstyle as it were... I miss everyone and want to thank you and the other folks from Knowplace once again...the opportunity to meet and share and learn with you all was something that I will carry with me for a long time...


Your Knowmates have formed a global learning community. The presenters were amazing! I can't believe how drawn in I was. They were excellent! You folks really have something to be proud of and you can count on me for the next KnowTIPS conference.