Using New Media for Online Communication

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Using New Media for Online CommunicationDo you think learning is boring? Are you tired about reading all thisstuff? Have you considered using another medium?

Podcasting is one of the new mediums that is being used to givealternatives to text based materials. Free audio files that you can download andlisten on your computer or with your MP3-Player or iPod.  You will also examine online tools and software that will enable you to produce your own content.

Podcasting is only the beginning, join Marian as he shares with you hisexperiences using skypecasts, talkshoe, videocasts and more.

About Marian Heddesheimer:

Marian Heddesheimer is a freelance Internet-programmer since the early days of the World-Wide-Web. He produces custom programmed Internet and Intranet applications for his customers. He is also an experienced teacher with over 10 years of experience in face-to-face teaching. For the last 2 years, he is teaching all of his courses over the Internet. He usess asynchronous methods like Learning-Websites and E-Books, as well as, synchronous methods like Skype, Text Chat and other web-technologies.

You can find his weblog including his podcast, talkcast and video tutorials at

This course requires an enrolment key