The Value of Serious Games

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The Value of Serious Games
Serious games are interactive learning tools which have a persuasive or educational purpose. In a simulation, we are immersed in the processes we wish to master and immediately experience the consequences of our actions. In a multi-player game, our acquired skills are tested against human opponents. We are more likely to remember an experience when we are engaged and having fun.

  • Join us for potluck of resources and experiences with serious games and learning simulations.
  • Discuss the value of serious games. Do they have value? If so, how can we utilize them more fully?
Chart the landscape and explore the tangible value of serious games Join Tia Carr Williams and Therese Weel for a peer discussion

About Tia Carr Williams:

Tia is COO of an international portal where executives, professionals, peers, thought leaders congregate to share knowledge and discuss solutions to generic issues. She consults with CEO's and start up entrepreneurs in business development and is compiling a new anthology on modern entrepreneurship entitled Skin In The Game : Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century . Tia is the VP Corporate Relations for Tycoon Systems which develops business simulation technologies with a specific focus on educational business games for entrepreneurs and business students most notably Industry Player Tycoon System's highly interactive designs convey realistic and challenging business games to empower individuals to play their role as an entrepreneur in a virtual environment as an intense training process.

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About Therese Weel

Therese has 16 years professional experience as a business analyst and consultant. Since 2004 she has been working as a virtual system integrator. She understands that technology and globlalization have introduced dramatic changes that affect our access to knowledge, the creation of economic value and the cultural assumptions of our society. How we use technology to learn, cultivate relationships and work together will have a profound effect on our future. Therese is interested in how we can use emerging technologies and knowledge to create value for ourselves and others.
  • Leveraging technology in simple and effective ways
  •  Virtual organizations, social business models and collaboration.
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